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Sea Moss Tea

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1 litre Water
3 tablespoons Irish Moss Gel
about 5 pitted Dates or Date sugar (optional)
Agave Nectar instead of Dates

Sea Moss Tea

Irish moss tea can be made easily and will energize the body plus help to remove mucus from the system.

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Sea moss tea can be made using either:

Using gel will yield a white milky liquid which has a manageable taste while using bromide powder yields a brown murky liquid that has an ocean-like aroma.

For best results it is best to use a blender for this but a pot will also work.

If you’re using powder a blender is recommended because the powder forms into clumps that can be hard to mix, that said they will break down in your pot if you boil for long enough.



Add Ginger

Cut up a few slices of ginger and put them in a pot

10-15 minutes

Boil down

Boil down in 2-3 cups of water for 10-15 minutes and add in your sea moss and stir in well. Use 2-3 tablespoons of the gel or 1 teaspoon of the bromide powder. This is easier with the gel, as powder will take more time to dissolve.


Add sweetener

Once it’s all mixed in you can optionally add agave nectar, date sugar or any other approved sweeteners mix well and serve.


Born in New York to a Jamaican family, studied Tae Kwon Do at the age of 7, started cooking at 12. Following Dr. Sebi since 2014, I currently work in China as an ESL teacher, and yes, I speak Chinese.

Irish Moss Gel
Irish Moss Mango Jello
Irish Moss Gel
Irish Moss Mango Jello

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Unfortunately most honey on the market is acidic. The best sweeteners to use are blue agave or date syrup.

Aside from hybrid bees cheap syrups are often used as fillers and are very hard to detect.

Its best to use agave, or date syrup, as honey is often adulterated. Not to mention farmed bees are fed sugar water. It takes time but you get used to the taste, but if you’re always looking to sweeten it, you won’t. We must remember to use and appreciate all of our taste buds. Getting used to bitter and strange tasting things is part of the journey.

Hi can you use the Irish sea moss powder in any other cooking recipes or does it have to be boiled first. Thanks. First time using.

You can add it to anything you like just be careful it doesn’t overpower the taste of what you’re cooking, especially if it’s a sea moss with bladderwrack powder. Bladderwrack has a taste that can be overpowering.

I know Dr. Sebi says to use key limes. I have a question about the info given regarding lemons: Although considered acidic, they alkalize during digestion & excellent for cleaning the lymphatic & digestive system. I ask because I have done the Master Cleanse 2-4x/yr over 20 years, and I don’t get the mucus & reaction I get from other acidic foods. Would that mean I have a higher tolerance for acidic foods.
(I’m doing a M.C. right now; and when I come off, I want to start Dr. Sebi’s plan.)
I also want to go sugar-free. What did Dr. Sebi teach about reducing or eliminating sugars (approved) from the diet? Thank you.

Dr Sebi taught us that mucus is our defense system. It builds up in response to toxic foods in a particular area depending on what the toxicity is. If you’re constantly consuming the same toxic substance the mucus will constantly be present in that particular area and begin to harden and became harder to drain off. Certain people smoke a lot and never get cancer and others who are only exposed to second hand smoke get lung cancer. The smoker has a layer of mucus protecting his lungs while the non smoker doesn’t have this protection leaving his lungs exposed.

Dr Sebi recommends a specific lime called the key lime which he said was alkaline. Why not try doing the master cleanse with key limes and see if there is any difference. Dr Sebi always favored limes over lemons but we need to learn from our own experience. Lemons seem to have a good effect on the body, but the only way to know the difference is to switch to limes and see if there’s a different effect.

With sugar cane sugar is extremely acidic in all forms including sugar cane. It’s best to finds substitutes, the best ones are date syrup and agave nectar. If you’re consuming cane sugar you certainly have excess mucus. Dry fruits help to satisfy sweet cravings. Try cracking open a date a pouring in some tahini or sesame paste; it tastes like a Reeses peanut butter cup. A friend of mine told me to try having dates when I’m craving for chocolate and I find that this works pretty well. The dates are so sweet and so filling pretty soon I forget that I was craving anything.

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